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Why go on an All-women Group Tour?

There are numerous things that need to be taken into consideration when a tour is being planned. From tickets to hotel reservations to sightseeing, the list of bookings is endless. Add to that the concerns regarding safety and the temperaments of your co-travellers; the whole task becomes very serious business. It has become increasingly hard to plan a tour because one has to coordinate her calendar with the other’s which is sometimes an impossible feat. All-women tours offer the perfect opportunity for women to travel without having to think about the availability of their friend/partner to be free. Basically, group tours are every woman’s way out of immense planning, plotting and possible heartbreak when the plans fail. So why are all-women group tours a necessity for today’s woman? See below…

Some Me-Time
Life is tough if you are a woman. It is practically impossible to find time to just sit back and read that book you’ve been wanting to read for ages or cram a spa appointment into your busy schedule. It is even tougher if you have a family and a career to take care of. Most women hardly get any time to concentrate on themselves because everything and everyone around them needs their attention. From kids who won’t wake up on time for school to everyone in the family wanting a different snack to munch on to the boss who cannot understand why you need an extension on your deadline – there are too many hurdles out there. In the midst of all this chaos you can forget about getting some “me time”. This is where an all-women group tour becomes your lifesaver. In an all-women’s group tour, there are no deadlines, requests or demands you need to satisfy. This can be time spent exploring a new place or even curling up in bed with that book in your hotel suite. This can also be your chance to pamper yourself, go shopping with the girls, gorge on all the fatty foods you’ve been avoiding, buy that expensive dress and book that massage hassle free. You have all the time in the world. There is so much to do that you’re never out of options.

To make new friends/socialize
One thing you inevitably end up doing lesser upon becoming an adult is socialising and making new friends. You become comfortable in your bubble –your closest friends and your family. But there is something exotic in meeting and befriending new people. It is a great gift to find people you just click with. It is even more amazing to find that person/persons unexpectedly while travelling to a new place. Somewhere along the journey you may find a friend who shares your thoughts and interests in spite of living a life entirely different from yours. You tend to forget how spectacular and distinct another person’s life can be but learning about the person and their adventures might encourage you to do things you hesitated to do before.
By the end of an all-women group tour, you could add new numbers to your phone book and priceless experiences to share and possibly future plans with your new girl friends.

Room sharing
There is a high chance that the people you meet during the all-women group tour are similar to you. They too have embarked on a mission to travel without their whole family with them and that does say something about their personality. When you find other people who are similar to you, you would want to spend more time with them. All-women group tours are accommodating of your wants of choosing your own roommate during the trips. Basically, you get to go back to your college days. The late night chats, the brainstorming on random topics, the live DJ-ing and story-telling sessions with women who are like you. The best thing about this tour is that you get to meet and bond with women from different parts of the world who have similar interests and be able to stay with them so you don’t feel uncomfortable..

Safety is the sole reason why most women shy away from travelling. And that is not without merit. The world is a very dangerous place, agreed. But it is not all bad out there. All-women group tours take safety very seriously and that is the number one priority. The hotels we book and the sight-seeing spots we choose for you are all safe and completely secure. Even if you have come for the group tour alone, we guarantee that no harm will come to you. So if that is the reason why you are holding back on your travel plans, worry not, it has been taken care of.

Perfect medicine to a lonely heart
Life really is a rollercoaster ride. There will be times when you do not feel your best. A heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, an unsatisfying career or even a random argument with a friend may put you in deep distress. They say there’s nothing like travelling to nudge those lonely moments aside. An all-women group tour provides you with this incredible opportunity to go to an exotic new place, meet women who are could be travelling for the same reason you are and immerse yourself in a different life altogether. Not only will it jolt you out of that rut, you also get a chance to rejuvenate and start afresh. And starting afresh from a deep sadness is the sign of a strong, confident and beautiful woman.

Shopping is not a sin
No matter what some people might say, shopping is not a sin. There is nothing wrong in a little retail therapy at times. During an all-women group tour no one will ever tell you to NOT shop. On the contrary, you will get some really good critics who will warn you if you’re buying something pointless/useless. Shopping may not be a priority for most ladies, but there is no arguing that retail therapy is helping women out there. If nothing, there is always the choice of going window shopping with your new found friends.

You don’t need a travel partner
This is one of the most comforting advantages. Although the thought of travelling solo can be intimidating at first, once you get over the initial fright, you will come to realise all those women who are travelling with you, probably have the same qualms and just as eager to be friends. After the ice breaks between the members of the group, it can be liberating and a completely new experience that you may get addicted to. Every trip will be like a college experience in fast forward.

No need of planning too much
The biggest scare of planning an all women trip is completely taken off of your hands. Your tour manager or operator will take care of all that extensive planning and chalking out routes and less painful budgets. Those are the technical aspects of the trip, the less enjoyable ones. Once that is gone, you have time to yourself to do the more fun planning. For example planning your outfits or even writing a travelogue.

In the end, it is all about travel
This is what you came for in the first place. A chance to immerse yourself in a new culture , invest in new friendships , eat that cuisine , visit that beach , wear that sundress and just sit back and watch that sunset. Let all the comforts engulf you. Forget about the tensions back home, they will all turn out to be good. You may just live in the moment and let go for once.