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Frequently Asked Questions

We encounter so many questions on Women-Only tours. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions - if you can't find the answer to your question please contact us at

Q. What makes WomenEscape different from regular tour companies?
A. WomenEscape offers group tours just for women. Our group size ranges from 6 to 12, enough for healthy interaction of travelers. We offer a supportive and encouraging environment for women to travel in. From the well travelled to the first time traveller we believe that having someone likeminded to share experiences with helps to make your trip even more memorable. Travellers also have the services of an experienced WE buddy who takes care of all logistics while on tour. WE ensure the hotels are girls-friendly and at accessible location. All our transporters are verified and have good track record.

Q. What if I book a tour for myself, with whom I will share a room?
A. We allocate rooms on twin sharing based on interests/preferences. If you are willing to share a room with someone, we give you the opportunity to contact your 'roomie' prior to your tour so that you can get to know each other a little. We will do our best to find you a room-mate, who knows this could be the beginning of some wonderful new friendships.

Q. I don’t want to stay on sharing basis. Can I do that?
A. Yes, you can travel without sharing room, by paying single supplement.

Q. What is not included in your tours?
A. WE try to include as much as we can on our tours. Where meals are not included, eg lunches, quite often we are on the road and just stop in a nearby cafe to grab a bite to eat, this frees us up to stop whenever we are hungry - the beauty of an exclusive tour! Where dinner is not included, it will be where there are many options to dine and we believe that travellers may wish to have some freedom to explore the local area and get out and discover on their own. All other exclusions are detailed on each itinerary. Tour exclusions may differ from itinerary to itinerary. If you have any concerns please contact our office for further information.

Q. I have a friend in another city who would like to join me on one of your tours. How can she do this?
A. We are more than happy to assist with connecting flights. We depart from destination airport as a group, always with a WE buddy who is there from day one to ensure that your travel experience is enjoyable and hassle free.

Q. What is your average age group?
A. We have had mothers and daughters, friends, grandmothers etc. We don't have an age limit. So long as you are healthy, fit and have a zest for life, we welcome you. From experience it is amazing travelling with women of all ages, you can certainly learn a thing or two!

Q. What if you are not going to a destination I'm interested in?
A. We would love to be able to organise tours to suit everyone, but that would mean a lot of tours! We do take into account places where ladies have expressed interest in, but as our tours usually operate on a minimum 15, we need to ensure that there is 'a lot' of interest in the destination before we make a tour available.

Q. What does minimum numbers mean?
A. As mentioned above most of our tours are priced at 16 passengers. A huge amount of work (and a fair amount of money) goes into planning and organising a tour but to be realistic we have to reach this number for our tours to be viable.

Q. What if you don't reach your tour numbers - do I get my money back?
A. Certainly, from time to time tours are cancelled due to lack of numbers. In this instance, a full refund is offered or a transfer to another tour is offered. We are also fully licensed travel agent, so we do have other tours available (not women only) and can happily assist with making alternative arrangements.

Q. I know it says women only but can my husband come?
A. Unfortunately your husband is unable to join us. But don't despair, we will be happy to arrange a similar itinerary for both of you if that is your wish. Reach us at

Q. What if I change my mind after booking can I get a refund?
A. Unfortunately our deposits are non-refundable and once final payment has been made usually 15 days from departure, final payments are non refundable. Of course if the tour does not proceed due to lack of numbers you will be entitled to a full refund or transfer to another tour.

Q. Can I just book the tour and arrange my own airfare?
A. Sure you can.