Women-Only Trip for Working Professionals

Women these days are superheroes. They can do everything it seems like. They stop their homes from turning into fish markets; make sure that there is food in everyone’s tummies; working 9-5 jobs; head Multi-National Corporations; be politicians and even fly all the way to the moon and back. Most women today are self reliant. They have ideas about what they want to do – career and personal life wise – and do a very good job of keeping the balance between those two lives.


However, there will always be times when your worlds collide and you end up stressed and tired. A deadline that is due is bound to keep you awake at night. A late night at office might be the reason you miss dinner with the family. These translate to anxiety and self-doubt in a lot of working women. It is at those times that you need a break, a break from the busy life you lead, and take a breath. Travel. That is the best solution to every problem you face in life. Get away. Escape life for a bit. That helps.

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  • Making Arrangements alone is tough

Now, as women it might be a little tough to make arrangements and travel at ones will. You will be faced with a lot of questions about safety, bookings and reservations, transportation etc. Planning a tour is not everyone’s cup of tea and somewhere in between all the planning, the anxiety you are trying to escape might come right back at you. So, your next best option is to register yourself for an all-girls group tour. A professional will take care of your bookings. They know which hotel suites your lifestyle. They will arrange for your transportation. They will take care of you. no worries, just fun.

  • Socialising

There are many advantages this has when compared to travelling completely solo even if it is with a tour company-planned trip. The best part about going on a girls only trip is that you get to meet a lot of new people. They can help you broaden your thoughts and maybe some of them also work in the same profession as you. They can give you tips about how to handle work and personal life and in life you will need all the help you can get. Maybe you can be the one who helps another person make a career decision. Socialising is the key to most professions and an all-girls group tour helps you to do exactly that.

  • Some time for yourself

More than just socialising, you get time for yourself at tours like this. You learn the life and culture of other places, relish their cuisines and go shopping. This is extremely different from your life where you have time only to run back and forth from home and work, eat less so as to save time and find not time to shop or pamper yourself. Although that life can be fulfilling at times, it is not healthy. A break is necessary and that is exactly the kind of relaxation an all-girls group tour gives you. Away from presentation deadlines, away from meetings, away from responsibilities at home and away from the kind of things that gives you stress.

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  • A tour with office colleagues?

In office environments there is lesser chance for women to talk and bond with each other. That is why most offices and firms arrange for get-togethers and picnics for their employees. So why not take charge and register your office girl pals and yourself on an all-women group tour? That way, you are mixing business and pleasure together but with a great outcome. You and your colleagues will come back home from the trip as better friends and this will help increase your efficiency at work. The best balance between work and home comes when you are leading happy lives in both those environments. Sometimes staying away from both work and home and finding some time to spend with your self can be a welcome change.


An all-girls trip is not just for teenage or adolescent girls. It is not just for homemakers. It is for everyone. And the women who work hard every day to juggle career and personal life, it is especially you guys. You guys deserve a break to relax and pamper yourself. Get off from work, ask your boss for a week’s leave and register for a tour. That you have earned.

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Written by WomenEscape