Why Girls-Only Trip for Married Women

Remember those days when life was all about friends and college? Those days when the biggest responsibility was to get good grades and do laundry on time? Those days when plans were made fast and the only tension about travelling was getting permission from your parents? If you are married with children and miss those days, then why not get your friends together, pack a bag and leave for a holiday of a lifetime?

pic1 Holidays are always fun. Those are the times when you get to talk to your family, eat food for which you didn’t have to toil in the kitchen, see some new places and get pampered a little at hotels. But how much of this is enjoyed by a mother? When you travel with kids there are always responsibilities. Others wake up in the morning with the sole aim of sightseeing. However, a mother of young children have the additional jobs of waking the kids up, dressing them, feeding them and then getting themselves ready to visit new places. If you are travelling with older members of the family, it usually falls on the women of the family to make sure they are comfortable and are not too tired for further travel. Somewhere along all these tasks, the dream vacation ends up being just another day at home coupled with a little sightseeing.

Even if you are not a mother, there is always that extra responsibility that comes with being a wife. Yes, going on trips with your husband and/or his family is fun but there is that extra adjustments you might have to do when you are with them. For one thing, can you imagine blasting loud music of your choice in the mornings when you are getting ready to head out? Can you imagine being able to wear whatever you want without having someone talk about it? If you go to a place with rock climbing or extreme water sports, can you be sure that no one will stop you from doing them?

Can you at least shop without a ticking clock?

This is exactly the reason why women need to go on all-women tours. No matter what you do in that tour, rest assured no one is going to judge you. There are no responsibilities on you because every booking and every reservation has been taken care of by the WomenEscape. You just have to wake up in the morning and be ready to explore a land you may have never visited before. You can wear the clothes you like, do whatever you like and even go crazy with the selfies.


There are many women who have always wanted to travel alone at least once in their lives. Well, going on an all-girls group tour might not be the perfect trip alone, but it can be a trip you go on without being accompanied by any of your family or friends. You get to meet a lot of people who think the same way as you do and want to enjoy life in a different manner for a few days. They say that strangers have the best stories to tell you and maybe one of these “strangers” who you meet during the trip might end up being your friend for life. You can be roommates with some of these people and life will just be like the way it was in college. The probability of you feeling anxious or tensed even for a second is very less.

The other possibility is that you join the tour party with your girl gang. During the business of life, people usually forget to keep in touch with their friends from the past. The best part to retie the old bonds is by going on a trip with them. If you are the shy kind who needs the support of friends to be yourself, get them along too, that is also fun. Basically, everything is allowed and everything is more fun when you are on an all-women group tour.

The only possible drawback of going on an all-girls tour is that you might miss your family back home a little bit. But you know what? After the tour, you can get back to them and go back to the life you are more or less acclimated to. For the time being, plan an all-girls group tour – alone or with your old girl pals. Let go of yourself for a while. You will not be disappointed.

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Written by WomenEscape