Packing for Girls-Only Trip

Usually, packing for trips is a tough task. There is a lot to consider when you are packing for a trip like the clothes which will suit the climate of your holiday destination, accessories which match the clothes, shoes, luggage weight and what not! However, in a girls-only trip packing is actually one of the easier tasks. This is because you can always call up your friends and make a check list of the things together. Even if you end up forgetting something, you can always borrow it from a friend. There is less tension there, I tell you!



Pack for the place you are travelling to. Wear clothes you wouldn’t wear at home or on a day to day basis. Go crazy with fashion. Also, ask your friends if they want something from your wardrobe. Sharing is caring, right?



As with the clothes, it is necessary to carry shoes which suit your holiday destination. If you are going to get wet in the rain invest in rain shoes. Don’t wait to borrow that from a friend. They might need it. But be careful to not go overboard with your shoes and end up with a really heavy bag. Some shoes can go with multiple clothes. Be wise and try to travel as light as you can.


(Don’t be one of these people!)


As with any trip, it is necessary to capture the good moments in life. Forgetting to take a decent camera with you might become really sad when you are the only person in the group who isn’t clicking photographs of everything they see. That’s what one must do while travelling, anyway. So write it down on your check list.

P.S.: Don’t forget the batteries and the charger.



There will be nights during your trip when all you feel like doing is ordering room service and putting on a good movie. And like most hotel rooms, your room might not have the best cable connection. What will you and your girl gang do then? You take out the gang’s favourite rom-com and play it on your computer. Laugh, eat and get emotional watching the movie with your favourite people.



Travelling is that time of the year when all diets and healthy eating is forgotten. You eat what you get and do not complain. Also, travelling makes you hungry and that is totally understandable. Carry snacks. That’s basic travelling etiquette. Consult with your girl gang and each on bring a different type of snack – chocolates, chips, wafers… list goes on. Also, if your hotel room has a kettle or a microwave, get some packets of instant food also. Might be of use for some of those midnight rant sessions!



It is fun to chill with your girl gang and stay with them throughout the trip. However, a time might come when you want some “me time”. A book or some good music in your Ipod will help you be with yourself for a while. That is going to let you enjoy the trip to the fullest and not lose your mind mid-travel.

Also, good music=hotel room party!



Needless to say, if there is sun, you need to protect your skin. Carry extra sunscreen and force all your friends to wear it. You do not want someone getting a heat stroke! Also, don’t hesitate to open up an umbrella if there is rain. Getting sick during travel is the worst!



And now if someone does get sick during the travel, it is important to give them medicines as soon as possible. Sometimes when you travel you might not be able to find a decent doctor or locate the nearest medical shop. It is safer to carry all the emergency tablets – for headaches, digestion, pain relief, common cold, slight fever etc. Throw in some band-aids also. Let’s not take any risks.


Written by WomenEscape