Bucket List Entry: A Trip with Girl-Gang

Travelling is one of the best experiences one can have in life. When you travel, you get to do a lot of things which you cannot do in your normal daily life. For example you don’t have to wake up and make your own coffee; someone will bring it to your room. You don’t have to go into the kitchen and get breakfast; that is available too. No need to dress professionally and get to work, wear a random something and go explore an unknown land. No meetings, no deadlines; just fun, laughter and selfies. We may enjoy the work we do daily but everyone needs and deserves a break. With all those mentioned before, travelling does seem to be the best break anyone can ever ask for.

Many people love travelling alone as they feel this makes them enjoy the culture and beauty of different places more than when they travel in groups. However, there are some people who love travelling in groups. These groups can be of family or friends. However, if you are girl or a woman, you need to travel with your girl gang at least once in life. And here is why …

You are tired and/or bored. A break is much needed

pic1You know those days when you wake up and suddenly somehow know that the next 12 hours is going to be hectic and tense? You can delay getting out of bed all you want but you end up having to face the day and the problems it brings. When days or even weeks at one stretch become irritating or just plain boring, and you start feeling those early pangs of misery setting in, you know you need a break. So Google places you have never been to and just go away for a while. That will help you come back to daily life with a clear and fresh mind.


You are not tired or bored of life. Travelling is just something you love doing.


If you are one of those people who need no specific reason to travel, we can be friends. All you have to do now is gather a few more people to travel with you. The more the merrier!

Because your girl gang is amazing


Since you have made a plan to travel somewhere and to take a break, why not do it with your girl gang? They know you well, they make you happy and you know you will end up having a ton of fun with them. Don’t get me wrong, your family and other friends are fun people too. But they just don’t get you the way your girl gang does. Agree?

You need to catch up with the gang

Sometimes even the best of friends lose touch over time and that is fine as long as you make an effective attempt to get back in contact with each other. A trip together will do exactly that. You and your friends will have enough free time with each other to reminisce and by the end of the trip the bonds will be stronger than ever before


It’s time to chill with your girl gang

If you are in college, it is not that you don’t have time to catch up with your friends. The problems are different for you. How many times have you sat down with your friends and planned a trip but it always got cancelled? Sometimes your parents were sceptical about your safety, sometimes classes interrupted the trip or people backed out of the plan. It is tough to plan a girls-only trip but all that trouble is worth it in the end. If you are going in a package deal like WomenEscape, security is never an issue. And if people back out of the trip you will still have fun with a gang who you will probably end up befriending soon during the trip anyway.

Travelling is more amazing when you have fun people around you

Nothing against solo travellers, but I believe travelling is more fun when you have people of your same wavelength around you. This brings a higher energy into the group which could otherwise be missing. Talking about fun, who could be more fun than your girl gang? They have the same taste as you, you have common topics to talk about and you probably have similar taste in fashion (which is bound to help during those shopping escapades). Even if you don’t know anyone in a group it is not going to be that difficult to make friends. We girls gel up real easy now, don’t we?

Because you don’t have enough photos with your girls


One can never have enough photographs with her girlfriends. Every photo, every selfie is a memory and these memories are going to be of more value than the photographs. So yes, don’t over think about the trip or how it is going to be. Just go. Fun guaranteed.


When you go on an all girls trip, the primary concern is always that of the security. And that is a serious issue worth considering. However, if you are travelling in a huge girls-gang, this issue becomes less severe. There will be women of all ages along with the tour operator in a conducted tour (if you choose to go in one) and safety will be assured. Your parents or other well wishers wouldn’t have to constantly worry about you. That makes the planning part much easier. All you have to do is enjoy the trip!


So, yes. A girls-only trip.

Add that to your bucket lists. It will surely be worth an experience and a half.

Written by WomenEscape