A Girls-only Trip to Goa

Going for a girls-only trip is probably in most of our bucket lists. Travelling in itself is a thrill and to be able to travel with other women who enjoy it as much as you do is bound to be extremely fun. In India, there are are many tourist destinations which are ideal for girls-only trips and Goa definitely ranks in the top 5. Here is a list of why you should travel to Goa for your girls-only trip.



When you think of Goa the first thing that comes to mind is obviously the many beaches. Sun, sand and the beautiful sea side view are perfect to make it the perfect location to travel with a girls group. You don’t have to look out for your children running into the beach or check to see if the whole family is staying together. You are expected to do nothing but to let the beach lover in you run into the sea, the bookworm in you to find a spot on the sand to read or the foodie in you to eat at the shacks. Perfect, right?




Everyone has an adventurous side. Goa can bring that adventurous side out. With many options like parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking and wind surfing, you will probably have a tough time choosing which one to try during your stay at Goa. With the girl gang to back you up, there is nothing to worry about either.


Remember college when attending parties was a communal event at your hostel? All the girls running to each other’s rooms asking for fashion and make up advice, requests to borrow heels or jackets, hair related queries and what not! Bring back all those memories with the girl gang and step in style into Goa’s nightclubs. Nothing is going to stop you from a night out in Goa.



The flea markets in Goa are famous. But the problem with flea markets however is that one can easily get overwhelmed by the many things on sale and you might end up buying clothes the wrong size or accessories of wrong colour. What you need is a group of women with the same taste in style to let you know when you pick up something unattractive. An all girls trip to Goa will result in a haul of clothes, accessories and handicrafts, for sure.


Roaming around during holidays is a sign of a traveller. While tourists jump into their vehicles and go straight to the tourist spots, a traveller decides to enjoy the journey rather than the tourist spots. Not everyone can appreciate the content of a long walk through an unknown city but you can always find people who enjoy it in a gang. If possible, get the whole girls gang to accompany you when you walk around and explore Goa. After all, Goa has much more than just beaches.


As mentioned before, Goa is not a land of just beaches. Hiking, trekking and rock climbing are some of the other options one can try at Goa. The hiking scene in Goa is especially good with the Sahyadri Ranges on one side. Hiking is made more fun when you have a group to joke and laugh around with. Go with the gang to Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and the Tambdi Surla Temple, Devil’s Canyon or the Vagheri Hill to enjoy a hike to explore Goa’s less travelled paths.

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Written by WomenEscape