5 Reasons Why Girls-Only Trips Rock

Travelling with a girls-only gang means that you have only yourself to take care of. For at least a few days your roles as a daughter, wife or mother has been suspended and you are given the rare opportunity to take care of yourself; to pamper yourself and to do those things which you’ve always wanted to do but never found time to. Here are a few examples of the insane amount of fun you will have in a girls-only trip.

1. Travelling together = bonds for a lifetime


Travelling together will always end in bonds which are strong enough to last a lifetime. In every gang you travel with there is a high probability that you find other people of your temperament and when you spend time with these people you will form meaningful friendships.

2. Zero responsibility

When was the last time you spent a day with no worries or no responsibility to take care of? Was it too long back that you have trouble remembering it? Then that means it is time for you to take a vacation. Going on a trip with other women means that you do not have that many responsibilities. All you have to do is pamper yourself and enjoy the destinations with your travel buddies. That really is some tension free vacation!

3. Shopping becomes so much more easier


One of the best parts of travelling to new places is that you get to buy new things which are unique to those places. If you go out shopping for new clothes or a nice pair of shoes, it is always better to do so with a girl gang. The reason is simple – they probably know what looks best on you and have similar sense of style. Shopping with your girl gang will also ensure that you don’t end up buying things which you actually do not want. I mean come on, have you never visited a tourist spot and felt compelled to buy a completely useless something which you know you don’t need or want in your life? A girl gang can always tell you to stop in the nicest way possible. Quality shopping hours made easy, right?

4. Spa days with your new friends


Like I said before, when you are on an all-girls tour, all you are expected to do is pamper yourself. Spas are the ultimate pampering stations. So while on trip, do not forget to gather your gang and go for a spa day. For one thing you get to relax and give your mind and body the time it needs to unwind. On another hand, you get to talk and catch up with your old friends and learn more about the new friends you make during the trip.

5. Endless hours of talking


Men think that women are always gossiping with each other. They couldn’t be more wrong, actually. Women are designed to listen and come up with advices wherever necessary, sympathy and pity whenever needed and to just stay quiet when silence would speak more than words. Staying with other women and travelling a new land with them can actually decrease anxiety and depression amongst women. Sometimes all you need is someone who is ready to listen to you and your life. This is acquired by a simple trip with a girls- only gang.

If not deep conversations, you can at least have fun midnight talking sessions. After all, friendship is the ability to talk non-sense any time of the day or night.

Going on a tour is so much more than just seeing a new place. The people who you travel with can most certainly impact your life in ways unimaginable. Always make sure you travel with the right people and if you need a real break from life, an all-girls trip is probably the best option. There is a lot of fun involved in it, you see 🙂

Written by WomenEscape