10 Best Destinations in India for Girl’s Only Trip

An Indian Lap with Girls-only gang. India offers so many destinations for Girl’s only trips which no other country can. Checkout these 10 Best Destinations in India for Girl’s Only Trip.


Manali is for those girl gangs who need adventure in their life. Known as the backpacker’s centre, Manali is probably one of those Indian cities which have beautiful views, hospitable people and brilliant climate. The Beas River is always near if you want to go rafting with the group. Trekking, cycling, ice skating, paragliding etc can take up your time and then still have some time to go shopping for shawls, scarves and curios at Mall Road. That sure sounds fun!

2. GOA

goa-for-girlsGoa has a vibe which will make any group trip enjoyable. There are beaches, churches, trekking paths, beach shacks, flea markets, adventure sports and night parties. What else does one want from a vacation?


Kerala is the land of beautiful sceneries, majestic mountain ranges, peaceful houseboat rides and fun beaches. Travelling through the whole of Kerala might be a long trip but a trip to Kochi, Munnar and Alleppey is sure to bring you the best of Kerala in a short span of time. And “by the best of Kerala” I mean beaches, hill stations, tea gardens, historical visits, house boat rides, backwater fun, café life and good, authentic food.



There is something about the clash of culture you feel when going to the north east is the best reason to visit Sikkim. The people are nicer, the places are prettier and the options to chill are endless. Girl gang trips would do really well at Sikkim, that’s for sure!



The photos of Lakshawadeep and Andaman Nicobar islands scream foreign. They look like they’ve been painted. Fresh, blue beaches in these places attract tourists from all over the world and that is the reason why everyone must go to these places at least once. Also, with beaches and seas come the endless opportunities of water sports – best enjoyed with a group of adventurous girlfriends!



Varanasi is not all about religion and salvation. There is a beautiful, peaceful and adventure filled Varanasi hiding behind the temple and its rituals. The Ghats and the mighty Ganges set a scene for you and your friends to remember for a very long time. Note for the girl gangs, sit by the Ganges and watch a sunset. Pour our heart out, talk about life, think deep. Those memories are going to stay forever.


You know what the most adventurous thing you and your friends could ever do? A bike trip to Ladakh. Imagine the fun! The views are jaw dropping, the ride is magical and the beauty is never weary. Ladakh can bring out the stud in you that is certain. Everybody’s bucket list must have the “bike-trip” entry. Which other place to travel to for accomplishing this than our very own Ladakh?


Rajasthan_Jaisalmer_The-golden-city-of-Jaisalmer-in-Rajasthan Rajasthan is a land of many things beautiful. The place has beautiful palaces and delicious food. It is also the one place in India which gives you the feel of Middle East. Not the concrete buildings part of Middle East, but the desserts and camels part of it. Sunsets are much more prettier when you are on dessert ride and night times are much more adventurous there with a girl gang to share it with.


ShimlaA lot like Manali in the adventure sports options but much more popular than any other hill-station in India, Shimla boasts of being the summer capital of the colonial times. In pictures, Shimla looks no less than a foreign land. The buildings, the streets and the snow during winter all add up to the beauty of this land. Evening strolls will never be the same after a sunset walk through Shimla’s Mall Road with your girl gang!


If you and your girl gang stay in Mumbai or Pune and want a quick getaway, Lonavala is the place for you. With weather that is almost always brilliant, interesting tourist spots and hotels and rentals which are waiting to pamper you, there is nothing better you’ll get for a quick weekend getaway. When Delhi people go to Shimla and Rajastan for the weekend, you can now pack and run away to Lonavala with the girl-gang.

When you are with friends who love and care for you, it doesn’t really matter where you go to. It is not always important to go to a perfect place to enjoy the perfect holiday. Make sure your whole girl gang is with you and it wouldn’t matter what destination you go it. But still… since there is a plan to travel, choose that one place which suits the personality of your girl gang. That will only add up to the fun.

Written by WomenEscape