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About WomenEscape

Women Escape (WE) is women-only Travel Club, which caters to women solo travelers. It’s an startup founded by Nisha Goel and Tanvi Goel, who themselves are passionate travelers and travel bloggers.

WE pioneers in trips designed specially for women travelers. When you travel with WE you’ll discover for yourself, the exhilaration of achievement as you stretch yourself beyond your boundaries – the deep spiritual enrichment that occurs when you encounter for the first time diverse cultures and wildlife – the joy of camaraderie and spontaneous laughter as you learn new things about yourself, your companions, and the world around you. One of the best things about a trip like that is getting to meet people who you would probably never meet otherwise due to professions and geography and that have the same passions and interests you do when it comes to the outdoors and adventure.

Why “Women only”?
Women in any culture relish the freedom to experience new things away from societal expectations. We have a unique sense of discovery, an unabashed curiosity, the easy ability to laugh at ourselves and the capacity to create a non-competitive environment of support and encouragement for each other. Under these circumstances, women feel free to challenge themselves with a new activity, diving into an unfamiliar culture. On an all-women's trip, women can be totally and unequivocally themselves.
So Are you looking for something fun to do with your sister, mother, best friend, or partner? Or are you traveling by yourself, and looking for a group of like-minded women to join? Here is the solution for your questions. Join us for women exclusive trips and explore the world.

Have you ever been to girls only trip??
If your answer is NO join us for this lifetime experience
If Yes try with us for different experience this time.
Now NO need to drop your Holiday plans if you can’t find a group to join or your friends back-out.
If you are married?? Who stops you from taking women-only trip.
You are single?? Your parents won’t stop you in going on girls-only trip.

So what are you waiting for?? Lets get started today and join us to know about our upcoming trips(No age bar)